At Gripen Aeronautics, we’re interested in bringing the most applicable design, simulation, and certification methods available to your project. We’re always looking for new and better ways of doing things to expand our capabilites.

Currently, we have expertise and capability in the following areas:

FAA Designated Engineering Representative (DER) Certifications:

Todd Leighton: Structures-Landing Gear Design and Testing

Computer Aided Design and Modeling

We have extensive experience in both mechanical design and complex surface lofting.  We can import and export a variety of file formats from most major CAD vendors or we can loft the necessary geometry directly.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Our main Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD) program is CD-Adapco’s Star-CCM+. This program offers unparalled ability to match test data such as wind tunnel results and can provide quick turnaround information to guide design changes and verification.

In addition to STAR-CCM+ we have a host of other CFD tools available including FUN3D, NSU3D, Overflow, LEWICE2D and 3D, and many others.

We work hard to validate the simulation work we do. We’re open with the applicability and limitations of our methods so when you get data from us you can rest assured knowing that the data is accurate.






Computing Power

CFD can be a valuable design tool but only if the answers are available in a reasonable time.  We have a dedicated compute cluster for rapid turnaround of simulations.

Wind Tunnel Testing

Computational methods have come a long way and are very capable at producing reliable results. However, on a dollar per data point basis, wind tunnel testing still proves highly ecomomical. Offering the ability to get thousands of data points in a short period of time with a high degree of certainty, wind tunnel testing is still more economical to fully characterize an aircraft than through computational methods.

We have experience designing and building wind tunnel models, writing test plans, supporting the testing itself and reporting the data. We use our computational capabilities before and concurrent to the actual tunnel test to see whether the modifcation is worth spending valuable tunnel time to investigate. This saves you money and leads to a more verified design.

Component Testing

We have experience designing and constructing special purpose test equipment from wind tunnel balances to landing gear drop test rigs.



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